Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The worst false eyelashes I have ever used...

If you know me or have read this blog or my old blog, you will know I am a massive fan of Ardell false eyelashes, the Demi Wispies to be precise.
I recently ran out of my Ardell's and although sold in Boots here in the UK, I couldn't get hold of the Demi Wispies at all.
I'd heard positive reviews about Eylure false lashes and in particular the Girls Aloud range seemed popular. In the box they also looked fantastic- thick, full and long. Despite not being human hair or on an invisiband as Ardell lashes are, I picked up a gift set that was reduced to try them out.

I am so unbelievably sorry I wasted any amount of money on these - massively reduced or not. These aren't exactly cheap, either when sold individually (£5.35 each) Overpriced and terrible quality.

I tried FIVE times to work with the 'Cheryl' lashes (2nd from bottom on image above) Now, let me just mention that as false lash application goes, i'm pretty good at it. I find it quick, easy and painless usually by using the Lisa Eldridge technique.
BUT these lashes are near impossible to work with. Firstly, the band is so thick that the lashes are not at all flexible. As I placed the lashes on to my lid in the centre- the other ends would just stick straight out. As I tried to gently press and bend the ends into place, the centre and opposite place would ping off. Frustrating. I have tried to show you in the photographs but unfortunately they don't show just how awkward application was...in hindsight a video would have shown it better.

Eyelure Girls Aloud lashes Cheryl

I am used to false lashes that feel soft, flexible and weightless when on.
These are the total opposite. Stiff, impossible to bend or shape and itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable to wear. I'm not sure if the next problem could just be individual to me, but I have fairly big, wide eyes. I've never had to cut down a pair of false eyelashes because the width is longer than the width of my own lashline, usually it's just the right length but with all of the Eylure GA lashes I noticed just how small the width is. They were not wide enough to cover my whole lashline, adding to the overall obvious, fake look. I just couldn't blend these in to my natural lashes and there are gaps at the inner and outer corners where the lashes just aren't wide enough.

Eyelure Girls Aloud false eyelashes Cheryl

I use Duo glue on all false lashes, which is an excellent, incredibly effective lash glue. These lashes are just too thick and cumbersome to stay put even with Duo.  Fifth time lucky and with the help of a second pair of tweezers and a hefty dose of patience (something that does not come naturally to me!) I managed to get these to stay. I don't know why I persisted really, because these lashes are of such poor quality that they look absolutely terrible on. The lashes themselves look plastic. As you will see from my photographs, the flash has shown just how plasticky these appear. I've seriously seen better craftsmanship from cheapy eBay lashes.

As soon as I had won the battle and had both lashes on, I could not WAIT to pull them straight back off. They felt heavy and awkward on my eyes and I was so aware of them. Such a poor fit and overly fake, obvious look.

I'm not averse to over the top, full on statement lashes but they still need to look good and fit well.
These have put me off ever trying another Eylure product. I will stick to what I know works with Ardell or Shu Uemura lashes for special occasions.

Reading the reviews on the Debenhams website, I see I am not alone in my disappointment with these Cheryl lashes!

What are your favourite false eyelashes?


  1. The Girls Aloud lashes were one of the first ones I ever tried and I couldn't get them to look good either, but I just thought it was due to my inexperience! I've just tried Ardell individual lashes and I really like them :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Will stick with Ardell!

  3. Em wears Eyelure lashes, not sure which 207 maybe? every day & never has a problem with them but she wouldnt touch the girls aloud ones, she said they wont be flexible enough to apply, she's a dab hand like you.

  4. It's definately not just you, I've tried the Cheryl lashes and couldnt get them to stick properly at either side and they werent long enough for the width of my eyes, looked ridiculous.

  5. oh my god ive tried girls aloud lashes ages ago and they were awful i bought some katie price eyelashes a while ago and they were exactly the same they didn't bend properly so i could get them to stick for the life of me another one to look out for


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