Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Perfect Red? Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge

I firmly believe that every woman should own at least one amazing red lipstick. A red that makes you feel sexy, glamorous and alluring. A red that brightens your teeth and your entire face. But finding The One can be a long, slow and heartbreaking process. The famous and often lauded reds that you want to work for you just don't. Dita Von Teese's preferred red clashes with your hair and Madonna's chosen red of the 80's makes your teeth look yellow.

I searched for years for my perfect red. I now own somwhere in the region of 30 different red lipsticks (please don't judge) I was quite the red lipstick floozy, swapping and changing from one to another in search of The One.

I tried Ruby Woo, Russian Red, almost every red Chanel lipstick created and some by Dior, Estee Lauder and YSL too. There was nothing wrong with them, far from it in fact. Each beautiful and wearable in their own way but they just weren't my perfect match.

For the past three years or so it's been all about Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque in 'Dragon'(read about that one here) but then as they say, all good things must come to an end. Chanel have cruelly discontinued my perfect red and taken it away from me. So what is a girl to do? Mourn the loss of a love affair so perfect, then reach out for the next 'could this be the one' rebound red, of course.

Off I went in search of my rebound red. Whilst searcing, something amazing happened, quite by accident.

I stumbled upon The One when I was least expecting it. I wasn't on the market or actively looking for it. I just wanted a bit of no strings attached experimentation with different reds.

After years of searching and settling for less-than-perfect reds I have found my perfect match and it's amazing. It does everything the perfect red should do and more. If I'm honest, I thought Chanel Dragon was true love but in hindsight, it was pure lust. THIS is love...

Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge.

Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge swatch

As I mentioned, this was a chance meeting. I was browsing the Tom Ford counter and the name Scarlet Rouge instantly appealed - okay, that and the fact I WANTED a new TF lipstick and I own most of the others.
I swatched away happily on the TF counter and got caught up in Scarlet Rouge v Crimson Noir debate. I just couldn't they both came home with me. Ooops.
The Tom Ford Cardiff counter within House of Fraser doesn't have the best lighting so I forgot about the lipsticks and swatches until I returned home that evening.

As I do with all new purchases, I tentatively swiped on to my lips and looked into the mirror, expecting to be horrified and annoyed at myself for spending so much on something so unsuitable.

Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge, lip swatchTom Ford Scarlet Rouge, Lip swatch

I had a totally bare and make-up less face and I looked at myself and This lipstick instantly transformed my face. My teeth and eyes looked brighter, my cheeks healthier.
Tom Ford Scarlet RougeTom Ford Scarlet Rouge
You can see this lipstick is very well loved...

Scarlet Rouge is a bright, fairly neutral red. At a push I'd say it leans more orange than pink or blue. It screams old Hollywood glamour and it makes me feel a million dollars every time I wear it.

The formula, in line with the rest of my Tom Ford collection, is wonderful. Creamy, comfortable on the lips and average lasting time. I think we will be together for a very, very long time*

*Oh who am I kidding. I'm fickle. I've already been eyeing up Scarlet Rouge's four newly launched siblings...especially Diabolique and Narcotic Rouge <wolf whistle> 

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