Tuesday, 12 November 2013

And then there were...four!

No matter what I do to try and keep this blog running, something comes along and sweeps me in the opposite direction.
Except this time, it was a very welcome turn of events. If you don't follow me on twitter/instagram, I'll give you a little clue...

Our little family of three will soon become four, on June 9th (or thereabouts)
I cannot articulate just how happy we are. We are delighted, ecstatic, over the moon - ELATED.
We have wanted this for SO long now and after our loss earlier in the year it felt like it was never going to happen.
Our son is so unbelievably happy and already the proudest big brother. We have made his wish come true and that is an amazing feeling.
Finally, god willing, our little family will be complete. 

I am 10 weeks, 2 days pregnant which means I am coming to the end of the first trimester. We had initially planned to wait until after our 12 week scan to announce our pregnancy but due to two early scans at 8 & 10 weeks that showed a perfectly healthy, developing baby with a lovely strong heartbeat we decided to share our news. The hospital actually used my 10 week scan as my 12 week scan to date the pregnancy anyway so I won't have another scan until 20 weeks.

It still doesn't feel totally real to me yet, it is as though I am afraid to get too attached given our history. I don't think it will feel 100% real until I hold our new baby in my arms. Our rainbow baby...

This photo was taken on the way home from the hospital, following the first ever scan that confirmed our baby was alive and had a strong heartbeat. I am not usually one for symbolism, but it felt like an acknowledgement that everything would be fine this time round.


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