A Little Bling in Life Never Hurts

Wanting to be a trendsetter and actually being one are two very separate ideas. There is also the fact that being at the top of your game also tends to include a fair amount of money. In all reality, I find that I am not much of a trendsetter, I don’t have a great deal of money to throw around, but I love having practical and unique items that stand out.

If we are truly being honest with one another, I’d throw on sweatpants, a comfy T-shirt and pull my hair up in a bun to run all my errands, as long as my baby girl looked classy and cute. This may be due to the fact that I have to strap in the girls, find clothes that don’t make me feel fat, do my hair and make-up, while my little girl doesn’t care what she wears and looks great in anything I put her in. Not quite fair, but those are the facts.

One of the greatest accessories that I have found is helping me to be a little more distinguished in my group of mommies: baby girl bows have been around forever, but Baby Bling Bows has managed to make something old into something new again. The reason this is so significant and worth mentioning is that these have a practical use as well as a cuteness factor. My baby, Georgia, isn’t so much a baby as much as she’s a full-blown rambunctious, ever-moving, tantrum-throwing little 2-year-old, with hair that I probably should trim up, but haven’t had the nerve to touch. This little ball of energy has hair past her shoulders that is curly, and seems to attract every possible particle of food, dirt and who-knows-what-else by the end of the day.

Baby Bling Bows has made it possible to pull her hair back without having to use the tiny rubber bands that usually cause more pain and anguish when trying to remove them. It even saved my little girl from an incident with a big piece of gum, which ended up in the Bow instead of her hair. This in turn saved me from either cutting her hair or using peanut butter to get the sticky culprit out, and it came out of the Bow with a lot less drama.


I am a very savvy shopper, and am not taken in by things that will only last a few months. This means that I have shied away from many of the toys and gadgets that are for specific spans of time. Believe me, I’ve heard it all why I should own a bouncer or activity gym, but instead I’ve opted for some long walks, playing on a colorful quilt my grandmother made and having her in a sling. This final item has been less and less frequent due to her want for more freedom.


lps your child to thrive in his or her life. I have ended up on Amazon’s health and safety department in hopes of finding just what I’ve needed.

It isn’t easy to put myself out and in front of an audience like this. Most moms become a momma bear when you try to convince them that they need to buy something or should change their schedule. I get that way too, so it isn’t my intent to push all of my interests on to you, but to bring you the option to look at Baby Bling Bows, which have helped me on so many occasions, and to brag just a touch that my mom was right when she told me that my natural motherly drive would kick in when I needed it most.

Trying to be a trendsetter is too much for me and my little Georgia, but we do find our modest equivalencies that make her, at least, stand out from the pack. I’d love to hear what helps you to shine, and not just your little girls, but your handsome little gentlemen that may one day hope to take my daughter on a date!