You would think after all the introductions I've had to do in the past three years I would have gotten good at them, but here I am with no quite idea on what to say.  Which I think is fine, because truly I don't believe that first impressions matter that much.  If this is someone's first introduction to me, they likely won't remember any of what I say, no matter what it is.  


We seem to put a lot of pressure on first impressions, but the truth is I hardly remember any of the first interactions I had with people.  Or if I remember the interaction, I don't remember what I thought of the person.  This may stem from my deep-rooted hatred of small talk, that I feel like there is very few important things I gather from a first interaction, I would rather stay up late discussing our pasts, deepest fears, and biggest regrets before making a judgment about someone.  


So, I would rather you make a judgment about me after reading a few of my blog posts or something from my portfolio rather than whatever I can seem to muster up under this about section.  But for my astrology lovers I'll say I'm a Taurus sun, Capricorn moon, and Libra rising. Unbiasedly I believe that Tauruses are the best sign, and unbiasedly I also believe Chicago is the best city.  For my readers, my favorite book is Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  For my music lovers, my favorite song is Misty by Caamp, but I've been working on growing my music repertoire.  For my foodies, my favorite food is tacos, I could eat them actually every single day and at school when I have no other food, I truly do eat them everyday.  My favorite color is forest green, and my favorite past time is asking vulgar polls on my instagram stories. 


That seems to cover the basics of an introduction, so make your first impressions as you will.