Wonderful Days

Published on 2 December 2021 at 02:22

I woke up this morning with a message on my phone that read "Hey queen! You are light and a joy.  Good morning, I hope you have a wonderful day!"  I don't think ever in my life have I gotten a message like that.  It took me by surprise, that someone to go out of their way to say that to me.  So I decided, it was going to be a wonderful day.  It was the 1st day of a new month (my last month at home!), but it was cloudy, no sun to be seen, and a high of a crisp 40 degrees.  I had work at both my jobs and the only thing to look forward to was getting a haircut (I LOVE haircuts!!!), there was nothing particularly "wonderful" coming my way.  


First, let me tell you about who sent me this text.  It was from my friend named Bubbles, and she is exactly how you would think.  I've never met anyone quite like Bubbles in my life.  I genuinely think everyone would agree with me that she was the most well-liked person at Yellowstone.  She had a way of making everyone feel so comfortable and welcome, and went out of her way to be a light in other people's lives.  We never had the chance to form a super deep friendship this summer, but we've chatted a few times since we left, and then I woke up to her text this morning.  I thought to myself, if Bubbles says it's going to be a wonderful day then it has to be true.  


So I made it a wonderful day.  I went in with the idea that it was going to be a great day, so it was.  It's funny how a mindset can change everything.  Normally, I would go through the motions of work, just waiting until I could get home to unwind and hangout with my family, but today I took time to embrace the little things.  I listened to my top songs of 2021 playlist (Spotify Wrapped was released today so that was honestly a huge win) all throughout my delivery routes, got myself some Starbucks, and then went to go babysit.  I've been having a hard time with babysitting lately, I go after working my other job during the day time; I'm lacking energy and all his activities have ended which means I actually have to find a way to fill our time together (it's like that's my job or something).  But today we had a great time, filled with science projects, Uno, and two-person hide and seek (a true thrill, I highly suggest).  


Though, when I arrived to babysit today, I had a conversation with the kid, that likely has already slipped his mind, but it really stuck with me.  His bus came a little early so he was walking up to the house right as I was getting out of my car, I said "your bus got here early today!", to which he replied "well that's exciting, then we get to spend more time together!".  In a weird way this reminded me of what Bubbles had said to me.  Her words made such an impact on my day, changed my whole mood and mindset.  And everyday, I make an impact on this kid's day, which is something I never really thought about.  I get there, we hangout for a while, and then I leave and don't think about babysitting until I go back there the next day.  To him, the time we spend together is exciting, a change of pace from his life at school, or hanging out with his parents - he gets to spend time with a super cool 19 year old! Not to say that I am making some life-changing impact on this kid's life, but each day the time we spend together means something to him.  


We all make impacts on one another, whether intentional or not, actions or words, you never know what will stick with someone else.  Bubbles' text this morning really stuck with me.  Likely, she sent that without another thought - but it changed my entire outlook on the day.  Spending time with my babysitting kid, letting him choose what we do or talk about, impacts him.  Small things like these make me think of other things I do or say that have impacted someone, how I should always be intentional in my words and actions because even if it is small or irrelevant to me, it has the ability to influence someone else's life.  


Not only do we have the power to impact others, but we can also impact ourselves.  Sure, I thought of today as a great day because that was the first thing that was projected this morning, but each morning you can tell yourself that it's going to be a great day, and it can be.  Obviously there are going to be things that go wrong out of our control, but your outlook on them and deciding whether or not we will let them change the course of our mood or day is completely up to us.  It's kind of a cool thing, to have so much power over our lives.  You can't choose what will stick with other people that you do or say, but you can choose what sticks with you, how you think of others, yourself, and your life.


So, it's been a wonderful day, just like Bubbles' wished.  I'm grateful for days like these, when I have time to reflect on what is really important and not just spend time waiting for something exciting to happen. And today I realized it's in my hands to have more of these days, and same goes to you.  


I hope you have a wonderful day.  



Me & Katherine on a wonderful day:)

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