things I love about the people I love

Published on 30 July 2023 at 19:19

I love that Jules is always putting herself out there and actively working to create a life for herself that she loves and is fulfilling.  I love having another sister, and someone to balance me out.  

I love that Carly makes everyone feel welcomed, loved, and heard. We can talk for hours about nothing and everything.  I love her kind and comforting demeanor that I could sense from the first time we met. 

I love that Abby is coming into herself with such grace and using every experience for learning and growth.  She learns and re-learns everyday and carries herself how I want to carry myself when I grow up.  

I love that they are learning about the real, deep love they deserve to feel in life.  


I love that my mom can be a motherly figure for everyone who needs it.  

I love that my dad always shows up, and celebrates our wins and lessens the blow of our lows.  

I also love that Ellie is also coming into herself.  She deserve to be so happy and I feel that she is finally seeing and believing that.

I love that Grace is finding a community in Portland and has such a strong community in Chicago, I think it is a testament to the person she is and how she fosters relationships.  

I love that Emmett carries himself with gentleness and that people say it makes sense he has three sisters (because that means he rocks).  

I love that they've created a place and environment that I want to go back to and miss when I'm away.   


I love that Erin and I can go months without talking and pick up like we never left.  

I love Katherine's go-getter attitude and sense of adventure, and how simultaneously she feels like home.

I love that my high school friends are all creating strong foundations in friendship, work, and life in general and finding what truly makes them happy.  

I love that my WVU friends keep me in the loop on all their lives and still call me on a bad day or a good day or any day in between.  

I love that they all support me from thousands of miles away when I can't stay in one place, or make any decisions, they've never questioned me.  


I love me for surrounding myself with these people. Finding people who lift you up, without spite or jealousy, is something to hold on to.  I love the people in my life right now.  And so many more that aren't on this page; I love all the people  who I've learned from, and miss, and the ones I don't talk to as much as I probably should or wish I did.  I always say my heart has been broken into a million little pieces and scattered all around the country with all the people I love and as hard as it can be sometimes I'm lucky to love and be loved. 


Love these days is 1832 


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15 days ago

forever loving you whether it's across the world or from AH to HP <3